Many few people know about genre. So, today I am going to explain you in very short and in easy way about genre.


A style or category of art , music or literature.

Word genre is origin from French language which means”kind” or “sort of”.


The first known use of genre was started in 1770.

The concept of genre originated from classification system created by PLATO.

Plato divided literature into the three classic genres accepted in Ancient Greece:- Poetry, Drama and Prose.

Big and and Main genres are :- ⬇️‡️


1) The “G” sounds like “J”

2) Try it. “Ja-on -rah”

3) Try it again”GENRE”


1) Help to find books similar to one they already enjoy by different author’s and in different series.

2) Stretch their reading preferences by trying books outside their usual favourite type.

Genre itself is a huge subject, It include many interesting topics. I have just given its overview. Hope you all get the idea about it.

Don’t forget to give your feedback and if you know about it more , So please without any hesitation inform and explore our knowledge too. GRATEFUL πŸ™

Thank you πŸ™

Written by:- FATEMA ABBAS VALI πŸ’–



It is no secret that being praised often make people feel good, pride, pleasure, increase in self-esteem, dopamine and also contribute to innovative thinking and creative problem solving at work.


Children being transparent and sensitive feel this need most acutely and they often actively crave for appreciation from their parents and surrounding.

If you praise the children for their good behaviour or well meaning actions then, there is a high chance that those positive actions and behaviour pattern will be repeated soon.

Hearing words of appreciation makes the child feel motivated to earn the praise again.

By, praising the talent of the child, will give the upliftment to child talent .


Child receives a powerful boost of confidence every time you choose to praise or appreciate.

For example:- If your kid looks nervous before the exam just say”I really appreciate how sincere you are about your exams”and see how your kid’s confidence grow.


When appreciate is quoted to be a positive force on kids. It should be remember that needless over praising has it’s own share of side effects.

Praise should be given at opportune moments, when the kid deserve it .

Praising a kid dishonesty will make a child believes that he or she has qualities which are absent in them.


As, we know in our society criticism take place more than the appreciation. It is very easy to criticize someone, But when the time of appreciation occurs , we failed in it. This need to be change.

For example:- If your friend’s kid have scored more marks than your kid, Instead of appreciate their kid , You will used to criticize that their child had done the copy or cheating and than able to score good marks.

The problem of our society is that we are not ready to accept the reality.

When a person is at top position, every one used to see it’s negative side, But the capability which he or she possesses which able to make that person a successful person, which we are not ready to accept.

To criticize the person means that person is progressing.

If you want to contribute in a good cause, praise the person when it needed, it will motivate them and upliftment their talent.

Written by:- FATEMA ABBAS VALI πŸ’–πŸ’

Guided by:- SHEREBANU ANIS VALI πŸ’–πŸ’

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Hey, guys I love to write poetries,so I am showing mine collection of poems, Hope you like it

I had written this poem in the memory of mine grand father πŸ₯ΊI used to miss him a lot . πŸ’–
I had written this poem on one of the great personalities of the world πŸ€™
Teachers play an important role in every student life πŸ’•
India’s true and real germ πŸ’•

Hope you all like it πŸ₯°


Today, the current situation is tensed, people are suffering from anexity, tension, depression and many other problems.😌

Now, I am presenting you some of the jokes which are written by me , and I am sure and that will make you a little bit laugh, If you like it πŸ₯° than don’t forget to send your dear and near ones to brought a little smile on their face too ❀️

1) HUSBAND AND WIFE walking in a garden.

Husband:-(suddenly start pain in his chest), call the doctor,I have a bad pain in my chest.

WIFE:-(forgets the phone at home)Give me your phone password,So I can call the doctor

HUSBAND:-No, I mean no need , I am feeling better now πŸ˜…πŸ˜„



SUNIL:-(hears) bai (maid) I don’t have any bai

KNOT:- bai nahi hi

SUNIL:-(hears) I don’t have any bai, you have call at the wrong number.

KNOT:- Are you mad?

SUNIL :- (hears) Sad , Why I will be sad ,Who are you?

KNOT:- Your customer knot

SUNIL:-(hears) Not, I don’t have any customer like this,You stupid, Idiot fellow doing mischief with me πŸ˜‘

KNOT:- You bloody deaf suffer

SUNIL:-(hears) Bloody fucker 🀬………….put the phone down .

KNOT :- Maro , maro mujhe maroπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί

3)BOY :-Will you marry me ?

GIRL:- Prupose me in a unique way?

BOY :- Will you be mine grandmother’s, daughter-in-laws , husband’s , son’s wife .


4):- MANI:- Are you mad?


MANI :-You have put the plates(dishes) in the washing machine

SAMU:- Yeah, washing machine can wash the clothes, so why not plates!

MANI :- Are you serious?

SAMU:- No, I am healthy.😁😁😁

MANI:-Anyone please call the doctor?

TEACHER:- You have scored less marks, so, now I am going to post your marksheet on instagram and going to tag your father

STUDENT:- So, I will inform my mom. ,that my teacher add my dad on her friend list on instagram and use to tag the dad πŸ˜ƒ


Person, who laugh on themselves,do weird and crazy things, 🀯 don’t think and worry about the world, the person doesn’t matter how he/she look and how they are, than that person is the happiest person ever πŸ€­πŸ˜„

But the person, who is fucking worry about all the time sucks

Compulsory, now you have to do it step by step.

1) For 2 minute forget all your worked and start mesmerizing all the happy moments which make you feel good.

2) Close your eyes.

3) Take a deep breathe

4) Relax

5) Further, now again start reading my blog 🀣🀣


The person who make you laugh and do funniest things are the intelligent person because,To make someone laugh is not an easy task .πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

If you will make someone laugh on the act you have done, atleast once in a day will give you inner peace, 🀘

Worrying doesn’t take away tomorrow ‘s problem , just today’s peace ✌️

Train your mind, To be calm in every situation ☺️☺️

Written by-Fatema Abbas Vali πŸ’–πŸ’



CYTOKINE are small protein and this protein act as signally molecules that convey the message between different immune system.

CYTOKINE are a large group of protein, peplides, glycoprotein that are specific cell of immune system.

Cykotine is example of hyperactive immune system.

In a CYTOKINE STORM, the body thinks that it needs to keep making more and more CYTOKINE even though they are not really being sufficient to kill the virus.

If they release in flood of cell in place,where they should not be then they damage the organs , And that basically what some people are dying off .

They can not turn off their immune system and their own immune system ends up killing them .

Basically, CYTOKINE is present in our body but at lower concentration or in balance amount, but when it becomes hyperactive at that point immune system starts releasing CYTOKINE in a good amount and which further leads to CYTOKINE attack in that numbers of people are dying off.

CYTOKINE STORM is not new, they are generally present in our body.

CYTOKINE STORM is considered dangerous in COVID-19, and as per the report many people are dying off due to this reason, because it becomes hyperactive in COVID-19.

It was first observed in Wuhan , China that CYTOKINE have been blamed for a large number of death in COVID-19.

Cykotine storm leads to multi organ failure,

For example:- kidney fail, heart fail, liver fail, etc and this is due to type of CYTOKINE attack which kill number of people.


If cykotine is present in good amount in our body that leads to our healthy immune system.


High fever, sweeling and redness, fatigue and nausea, neurological symptoms, congitive behaviour person may even under go to coma.

Treatment of patients with cykotine can produce depression syntomns .


There is not proper treatment of it but it can be prevented to reach to advanced level.

It can be cure if we do the treatment of it until and unless it reach to advanced level.

Studied and collect information by :- FATEMA ABBAS VALI

A real super hero in every person life.

A super hero. What do you mean by super hero! Generally super hero means the one who saves the life of the people. But it is in just filmy way. In real life we have our dad as our real super hero. The person who hides his pain and tear, The person who work hard day and night for their children progress, The person who tries to fullfil all his children need and the person who sacrifice his dreams for the betterment of his child.

A father sacrifice can never be compared by any thing in this world

A bond of father and daughter is very strong. Father has more attachment with his daughter compared to his son. A daughter consider father as her super hero. When sometimes mother shout at her the girl doesn’t care, but when her father shout at her than she will be deeply hurt and take that seriously on her. Daughter is the calm, happiness and a part of the father heart . For every daughter her father is the best.

Every father has a special place of their children in his heart. Generally father are strong and tough outside by nature but they have very soft heart full of feelings,for his family.

Sometimes, father likes strict steps for the wellbeing of his child, but child is unable to understand this. Being children of our parents we should try to understand them and respect their decisions. As the father is the first person who will first think of our happiness ❣️

Father put all his dreams and luxuries apart for his child growth. He tries to fullfil all his child desires and needs. Father always wants to provide his child with a good education. Sometimes, parents sacrifice many luxurious things so they can utilize their money further for their child’s education.

Being man they are unable to express their feeling’s in front of his family.

The person who unconditionally loves ❀️ his children. The father put the need of his children before his own. Protector, Provider, Friend and hero ,that without any doubt is our super hero.

Father’s guidance, support, blessings and his confidence in you will surely lead you to the steps of success. Always listen to your father because he knows what is good for you. Dad guidance hand on your head and shoulder will remain with you forever ❣️

If you want to apologize your mistakes to your father. So it’s the best time, tell your father that how much you love him! and apologize for all your mistakes. I surely know he will forgive you . because father heart is always big and soft for his child πŸ₯° He can never remain sad from his child for a long period πŸ™



Written by:- Fatema Abbas Vali